Regular Preventative Maintenance

Keep your operations running smoothly with Accratech. We provide leading preventative maintenance (PM) service and repair to safeguard critical data with our reliable Medical-Grade Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. Our certified technicians conduct thorough inspections and testing for all makes and model units, matching unparalleled expertise with innovative technology.

With Accratech, companies have peace of mind knowing their UPS systems are always in top condition, minimizing the risk of unexpected failures and costly downtime. Schedule your maintenance service now and detect potential issues before they disrupt your vital operations.


Enhancing Systems

Enhance your system’s efficiency with our UPS battery replacement. With our knowledge and experience, we understand the unique requirements of healthcare facilities, allowing us to offer tailored solutions that could significantly improve their system. Our battery replacement services ensure the system always has the power to function, protecting equipment and data in unexpected situations.


Protecting Data

Protect critical patient care systems and your facility’s operational integrity with our Medical-Grade UPS solutions. Without proper maintenance, a momentary loss of power could result in data loss, interrupt critical patient care, and potentially lead to life-threatening situations. Accratech provides an uninterrupted power supply, safeguarding systems against such risks. Call 800-837-6503 or 608-565-2136 for maintenance and battery replacement now.

Why Accratech is Better

  • Accratech Linear/1 UPS manufactured total Quality that’s why Accratech does not have an “End of Life” mandate.
  • Because we build a top quality UPS we do not have an “End of Life” mandated at the ten (10) year Life cycle point where we stop supporting our Linear/1 products like many of our competitors where at the “End of Life” they charge more for parts and service or are simply suggesting that you throw your 10 year old UPS away spend more money and replace it with a new UPS.
  • With Accratech quality and topology we have customers that have Linear/1 UPS units that are 15 to 20 years old that continue to provide the customer with reliable quality service.
  • Accratech also continues to support the Linear/1 products with annual PM inspections without end of life superficial cost increases.
  • Why would any customer purchase a 40KVA or 50KVA UPS to support a 5KVA load for an exurbanite cost then in 10 years tell you they are no longer supporting the UPS product due to “End of Life” .  This is not unusual and the customer is left to bear the cost which we do not consider a fair way to treat the customer.  Accratech will provide you with what you need not sell you more than what you need then surprise you with a “End of Life” revelation.