Empower Healthcare Reliability with Accratech’s Medical-Grade UPS Solutions

Electric power problems are real and troublesome, especially in environments where uninterrupted power is critical, such as hospitals and healthcare facilities. Inadequate or unreliable power can have severe consequences when it comes to the functioning of medical equipment and the well-being of patients. Common electric problems in healthcare facilities include:

  • Power Failure
  • Power Sag
  • Power Surge
  • Under Voltage
  • Over Voltage
  • Electric Line Noise
  • Frequency Variation
  • Switching Transients
  • Harmonic Distortions

That is why investing in a medical-grade UPS is of utmost importance. It not only delivers an uninterruptible power supply but also provides robust power protection against voltage fluctuations, power surges, and outages. With its advanced features and built-in battery backup capability, a medical-grade UPS ensures that critical medical devices, like life-saving monitors and surgical equipment, remain operational during power disruptions.

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Medical-Grade UPS by Accratech Is a Medical-Grade Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


Accratech offers an isolated, medical-grade UPS designed to meet the demands of professional service. With no-break transfers, high surge capability, multiple voltage outputs, and ultra-low leakage current, it prioritizes patient safety above all else. It is designed to be compatible with all modern loads and is especially suited to today’s power-factor-corrected equipment.

Trust Accratech for your next medical-grade UPS upgrade. Take a look at our brochures for more information about our UPS solutions.




I have to say purchasing quality is the best choice one can make for the long term, we were having power problems resulting in the destruction of internal components of the medical device under warranty. This went on for some time until the power and grounding technicians conducted tests on the incoming power from the power grid. Upon finding problems with the incoming power it was suggested to the clinic that they purchase the Linear/1 UPS which was recommend due to the fact that the Linear/1 is certified for medical applications, and is a power conditioner as well as a backup power source very dependable and robust. Accratech per request submitted a quote for a Linear/1 3K UPS for this application and was hardwired into two surgery suites instead of just one suite, thus solving the power problems plaguing our clinic.


Rating 5/5, Customer 11/1/2018

The Accratech UPS units are very robust and reliable even under continuous mobile use. When we do experience problems the level of support from the Accratech staff and spare parts support has been great. I would highly recommend these UPS units in either mobile or static applications.

John Babcock, Biomed Engineer, Nextmed

Rating 5/5, Customer 10/2/2018