Product Decorating

Using state-of-the-art printing technologies, we can transfer your business’ name and logo onto your company’s product–with precise clarity and quality assurance. Reproduce any design, text, or logo that can be photoengraved with high precision and clarity. Print on parts that are irregularly shaped or difficult to decorate by other methods.

We not only do your product decorating for you but we will work with you in your R & D stages designing the tooling and fixtures in order to accomplish the very best in decorating your finished product.


We can print on glass, leather, fabrics, plastics, PVC, polystyrene, acrylics, polycarbonate, polyester, duroplast, polyamide, polyrethane, polyolefines (PE/PP), PET, lacquered surfaces, metal, chromium plating, and painted surfaces.


Ink is applied to a metal plate etched with the text or design to be reproduced. The ink is then transferred to the substrate (item to be printed on) by a silicone rubber pad. The image is reproduced very precisely and quickly, with a very high success rate. This printing option is practical when the item to be printed on is irregularly shaped (i.e. curved surfaces, spheres).


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For information regarding Accratech’s product decorating services, please view our contact page and select “product decorating” from the Area of Interest drop-down box.