A synopsis of the technical advantages of the Linear/1 UPS


  • The Linear/1 is UL – 60601-1 certified for medical safety
  • The Linear/1 UPS has very low radio emissions (Class B) and produces very low harmonic currents and well regulated output voltage control. Immunity to various unwanted harmful conditions such as electrostatic charge, voltage surges, radio frequency emissions from other electronic equipment (or radiated fields), fast transients and immunity to low frequency disturbances all of which can and will adversely affect other medical equipment operating in a medical environment
  • The Linear/1 has Low Current Leakage of less then 100 Micro-amps typical whereas the industry standard is 500 Micro-amps whereas most UPS products in the field (Powerware, APC, Triplite, Toshiba,  do not even come close to meeting the 500 Micro-amp limit.
  • The Linear/1 is “Line Interactive” which means that the UPS is monitoring the current flow continuously eliminating all spikes, surges, and sags in the incoming power;  Line-interactive v. double conversion.  A double-conversion UPS is always converting. First, it converts AC to DC, then it converts DC back to AC. With each conversion, it loses efficiency. Wastes a lot of power. With the Linear/1 the inverter is OFF; a transformer is used providing several benefits. First, it’s efficient, 98% or better. Second, it electrically isolates the load from the line. You don’t get that with double conversion. Finally, the Linear/1 can regulate (linearly) by selecting taps to step-up (or down) the voltage. No energy-inefficient saturating cores.
  • The Linear/1 UPS is rated at unity power factor. When Comparing Powerware, APC, Powervar and most other makes you’ll see a big kVA rating such as  “5kVA”  then, in small letters, you’ll see “3.5kW”. What this means is that the unit is DERATED for a true Watt load, which the majority of loads are. With the Linear/1 there is no derating factor… Watts = VA i.e. a 5kVA unit can handle 5kW which essentially equates to more true power (Watts) from the Linear/1 units of a given size than other makes and models. The Linear/1 does” nothing to affect the load; it is simply designed to handle modern power-factor-corrected loads.
  • There are 18 “Self Diagnostic Routines” for the 3 through 8K models and 15 “Self Diagnostic Routines”  for the 1.0 & 1.5K models  with each having an alarm if there is a problem. This includes battery condition.
  • The 3K through 8K UPS have 3 & 4 panel outlet capabilities that is custom configurable. The 1.0K & 1.5K have a three (3) duplex panel.
  • Three year warranty comes with a new unit of Linear/1 product. Emphasis is placed on quality.