Glove Dispensers

Our innovative glove dispenser holds five pairs of rubber or nitrile gloves, conveniently clipped to your belt or attached to any surface with a Velcro fastener. Ideal for healthcare workers, nurses, outdoor sportsmen, or any other person needing hand protection.

  • prevent transmission of bloodborne disease
  • easy and convenient gloved protection… use with belt clip or velcro fastener
  • durable, lasting up to three years; easily refillable
  • prevent wasting gloves
  • your company name, service, phone number printed on canister


The glove dispenser is available many colors to best suit your needs. The dispenser can be custom-printed with your company name, logo, and contact information for easy recognition and advertisement.

For more information about Accratech’s versatile glove canister, please view our contact page and select “Dispensers” from the Area of Interest drop-down box.


The Universal Sharps Container is a half-pint, non-spill and self closing container, excellent for home, school, or industrial use. Constructed to be unbreakable, its self-closing mechanism makes it impossible to retrieve its contents once deposited inside. In addition to needles and lancets, there is a slit in the top to accept “break-away” utility knife blades, X-acto knife blades, and box cutter blades.